Architecture Overview

High-level Architecture Overview

High-level Architecture Overview

There are four kinds of host nodes:


Short Description

Frontend Node

The frontend nodes act as entry point to the Kubernetes Cluster. They are highly available, support load-balancing and act as a firewall. These are either separate nodes or control plane nodes.

Control Plane Node

The control plane nodes build the Kubernetes control plane and manage the (meta-)workers and Kubernetes objectives in the cluster. More details can be found in the official k8s docs.


The meta-workers host the management application workload, e.g. of the rook storage solution or the prometheus-based monitoring stack (more details soon).


The workers host the user application workload.

Additional Details

Frontend Nodes

In the case of running on top of OpenStack, the frontend nodes are the only entry-points into the private network because they are the only ones holding floating IPs. They may also act as SSH jumphosts. Frontend nodes in general are in a hot-standby redundant setup. The failover is done via keepalived. Each frontend node hosts an instance of HAProxy. HAProxy acts as a load-balancing endpoint for the k8s API server. This ensures a highly available Kubernetes control plane. An extra network port is used to hold both, the private and the public virtual IP (VIP). As a health check, a script queries the /healthz resource of HAProxy. Both services are jailed by systemd.

Control Plane Nodes

The number of control plane nodes should be uneven (1,3,5, …), because k8s uses the Raft protocol. In order to prevent the split brain problem the majority of nodes has to be up with 3 control plane nodes, one can fail without problem. With two out, the last one will stop working because it does not know if this is just a network partitioning. Five nodes can handle two failed nodes.

Secrets Management

The yaook/k8s LCM exclusively uses HashiCorp Vault as secrets management backend. For more information, please refer to: Use of HashiCorp Vault in yaook/k8s.