Deprecation Policy

Below we outline our policy on deprecating and removing features and kubernetes releases.

For the removal of features and k8s releases from yaook/k8s we will give an advanced notice of at least 30 days. This notice is given using the changelog.

Support for older releases of yk8s

A release becomes EOL when there are three newer (major/minor) versions but earliest four weeks after it has been released. Until then a release will be supported with hotfixes.

Change of vault policies

When we need to change vault policies we will first add the new policy and keep both - old and new - in our codebase to allow for transitions from one version to the next. This is handled as a feature change. After some time (at least 30 days) we will remove the old policy. This will be a breaking change.

Removal of kubernetes releases

We will always try to support at least two kubernetes versions. We will drop the support for older versions earliest when they become EOL and announce the removal in advance.