Minimal Access Venv

For users requiring access to given cluster repositories but not frequently operating on these via the LCM, poetry will probably have to update and download a lot of Python packages.

The option to just source a minimal virtual Python environment is given via MINIMAL_ACCESS_VENV (Miscellaneous). If enabled, the bare minimum of Python packages to be able to establish a connection to the Kubernetes API is installed.

This is in especially useful for quick incident resolutions where using the LCM is not required to get a first overview.

Configure minimal access globally

Minimal access can be configured globally for all cluster repositories by setting it in ~/.config/yaook-k8s/env.


Configure minimal access per cluster repository

Minimal access can be configured per cluster repository by setting it inside of $CLUSTER_REPOSITORY/.envrc.local.


Deconfigure minimal access

If you need a full environment to be able to make us of the LCM again, you can simply unset MINIMAL_ACCESS_VENV or set it to false and reload your direnv.

# Ensure it is unset or set to false

# Move into the cluster repository and
direnv reload .