Quick Start Guide

If you want to create a yaook/k8s cluster on OpenStack, follow the following steps. A bare-metal yk8s cluster requires further preparations.

Commands are assumed to be executed at the top level of the Cluster Repository, if not stated otherwise.

If you are having problems, please visit our FAQ.

  1. Install system requirements.

  2. Create required resources.

  3. Initialize cluster repository.

  4. Configure cluster in ./config/config.toml.


    If you plan on deploying OpenStack using yaook/operator on top of your yaook/k8s cluster, please refer to the cluster requirements of yaook/operator to see which features are recommended and required to be present in your Kubernetes cluster.

    • There are many configuration options available, but the minimum changes that need to be made to the configuration file are:

      • You need to add your (public) wireguard key to the wireguard peer configuration.

      • As your cluster runs on top of OpenStack, you can enable the ch-k8s-lbaas loadbalancing to allow the creation of Kubernetes services of type LoadBalancer. If you want to do so, you also need to create the ch-k8s-lbaas.shared_secret secret.

      • Check for terraform variables that can be set, you need to change some of them to fit to your OpenStack cluster. e.g.:

        • default_master_flavor

        • gateway_flavor

        • default_worker_flavor

        • public_network

        • keypair

        • azs

        • default_master_image_name

        • default_master_root_disk_size = 20

        • root_disk_volume_type

        • create_root_disk_on_volume ??

        • gateway_root_disk_volume_typ

        • gateway_image_name

        • default_worker_image_name

        • default_worker_root_disk_size

  5. Initialize the Vault secret store.

  6. Deploy cluster by executing the apply-all.sh script.

    $ ./managed-k8s/actions/apply-all.sh
  7. Get yourself a hot beverage and joyfully watch as your yaook/k8s cluster gets created and tested.

  8. Start using your cluster.